Karel Kuningas is an agricultural specialist who has created several IT solutions for data management and analysis in agricultural enterprises and is using the analysis software QlikView since the beginning of 2013. Karel can describe biological processes in numbers and from those numbers, he can recognise what a cow could just not tell you. Karel Kuningas is a co-operation partner of Infovara.

It is possible to get over a 100 euro more profit a day with a detailed analysis

There are many different cattle management , mixed feed and other specific software sold together with corresponding technology both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. They are mostly meant for fulfilling their narrow function and usually do a good job but they perform detached from other systems and keep the enterprise from seeing the whole picture. In addition to several professional programs, cattle enterprises also have office software for production and sales plans, keeping records of business software and so on. This makes putting the whole picture together very time-consuming or even impossible, therefore contributing to gut-feeling-based decisions.

Special cattle breeding solution which helps to cut costs

We have developed a special QlikView-based analysis software solution for cattle breeding enterprises. With this it is possible to operatively and comfortably assemble data from specific programs, Excel tables and economic software, allowing to see a bigger picture in the enterprise, optimize costs and make better decisions. By means of this solution it is feasible to measure the results of each work process, see the performance of the work schedule, then evaluate the effect on the results of the enterprise and polish all the processes of cattle breeding to the best. This solution enables to manage costs more effectively and substantially increase the efficiency in milk production both per cow and per cattle. In addition, it helps with improving daily and long-term stability and sustainability of production. As of today, Estonian agricultural economy is missing a collective analysis software. Analyzing is done by hand, with several different programs or not done at all which is no longer sustainable in today´s economic conditions.

So far non-existent risk management for larger agricultural enterprises

This specially adjusted analysis solution is also a so far non-existent means of risk management for larger agricultural enterprises, meaning it helps to substantially diminish different management-related risks such as regression of production due to the cattle manager´s inadequate control or low residual income due to wasting of consumption materials. This kind of solution is successfully put to use by many trading companies in Estonia and abroad but not yet by agricultural enterprises.

To sum up, the specially designed analysis solution with appropriate consultation and support assists in making the right animal husbandry management decisions, increase the efficiency and save significantly in costs. In my estimation it would be possible to save 360 kg more milk a day in a 300-head-cattle which with today´s milk price 0,3 €/kg would mean 108 Euros higher income a day.